Get Closer to Alloh SWT

Six Steps to get you closer to Alloh SWT

1. Dua'a (supplication) :Remember Alloh, Ask from Alloh, become the friend of Alloh
2. Stay away from poisons : Poisons are everything that displeases Alloh. Stay away from such actions. And Gain Alloh's HAPPINESS.
3. 99 Names of Alloh : Learn understand and praise the quality and characteristics of Alloh.
4. Remembrance of Alloh: engage in zikr and prasies of Alloh. Stay Astagfirullah a lot to erase your sins.Say Alhamdulillah, so Alloh will give you more rewards.
5. Follow the sunnah: Follow the sunnah and gain closeness unto Alloh.
6. Recite- Understand - and Most Importantly Act upon the Quraan.

seek knowledge - remember Alloh - Turn to ALloh - Remain in this obedience - Follow The Sunnah
- understand Who Alloh is - Praise Alloh - Understand the Qur'an and Insha Alloh You will gain 
closeness unto Alloh SWT.


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2 Response to "Get Closer to Alloh SWT"

  1. Stupid monkey, on 27 Mei 2012 15.41 said:

    makasih mba atas postingannya :D

  2. An Maharani Bluepen, on 27 Mei 2012 18.09 said:

    sami-sami..tu hasil sharing di blog tumblr, koq
    semoga bermanfaat ^^

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