You and I :)

“You and I”
By Irfan Makki and Maher Zain

You and I,
we are the same
we win and lose
in the game of life

You and I,
we seek the truth
looking for the signs in the universe

in this journey we are companions
struggling through our life
towards our way

*Why should a mother cry?
Why should a wife see her husband die?
Tell me why do we have to fight?
Why don't we try just
just You and I, ooh..

You and I
We love our land
protect our home
against any harm [any harm]

You and I
dream of the day
when everbody
will live in peace

in this jounrney we are companions
struggling through our life
towards our way

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throught history,
so many senseless wars
Yet We never learn,
we're building borders around us
but we still have a chance
to heal our wounded world
Let's get rid of hatred
and see each others as we really are

before it's too late,
who knows what tomorrow may bring
but without justice there's no way
that peace can exist

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Can you tell me?


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